Sustainability & Efficiency

We are adept at matching sites to what people want and require. This for us is a sustainable approach, enabling us to design for today and for the future.

We undertake market assessments of each site before acquisition, together with site reviews to ensure supply is matched to demand in terms of product, location and price.

As a developer we play a key role in creating well designed, environmentally-efficient homes that are desired by our customers. The homes we construct today will need to last and be able to adapt to changes in a range of areas.

Improving Energy & Water Efficiency

We are continuously seeking to improve energy and water efficiency in the homes we construct, by conferring with our suppliers & subcontractors to find innovative fixtures & fittings that are energy efficient and of high standard expected in an Allum home.

Increasing the energy efficiency of the homes we build and reducing the amount of energy our customers need to run their home is important to us. This results in less impact to the environment and also saves our customers money through lower electricity, water and heating bills.

All of our new homes are designed to ensure that water use does not exceed 105 litres per person per day. To achieve this, we use careful design and install innovative technologies such as dual flush toilets and aerated taps. Our developments also incorporate rainwater harvesting, so that drinkable water is not wasted.